We've talked a lot about our approach and why we think you should work with us, here is your chance to hear from coaches and players that have already used our services. In the coming days and weeks, you will see more and more of these testimonials so stay tuned!

Seth Wing - Head Coach Cornell College - 5+ years as DIII head coach, 8 years as DII assistant coach


Coach Heffner brings an attitude of success, work ethic, accountability, and structure to a pitching staff and helped individual pitchers reach their personal goals! Our pitching staff immediately bought into his program and in just 2 years of work, our Team ERA dropped 2+ runs per game. He also improved our command of the strike zone by increasing our K/BB ratio each year. He is innovative in providing new and exciting drills to our daily routines. Without his work, our program wouldn't be where it is today.

Brent Henry - Head Coach Clear Creek Amana HS - 5+ years as HS head coach, 5 years as college assistant


Coach Heffner has been an absolute asset to our baseball program. Heffner’s knowledge, passion, and ability to communicate and relate with players has played a vital role in our success as a team. Heffner utilizes innovating and fun drills to develop and reinforce the skills necessary for our pitchers to reach their personal best. Virtually every meaningful team pitching statistic has fallen since Heffner began working with our players. He is a coach to watch in the baseball world!


Jeremy Ryan - Graduated Cornell Pitcher - 3-year starting pitching, junior & senior years with Coach Heffner


Coach Heffner's extensive knowledge and ability to communicate that knowledge was the difference in my college baseball career. The daily drills and mental conditioning allowed me to succeed and perform to the best of my abilities. His attention to detail and work ethic allow him to see things others cannot. After working with coach Heffner, you will be in the best possible place for growth in your baseball career.

Tyler Riggs - Graduated Cornell Pitcher - 4-year late inning reliever, fresh & soph years with Coach Heffner


Coach Heffner brought a medically based coaching strategy to our staff. The approach helped keep our pitchers healthy all season. Personally, Coach Heffner helped me gain velocity and gain consistency with my breaking ball. The summer throwing program Coach Heffner gave me laid the foundation for the best season of my career.

Tyler Samson - Graduated Cornell Pitcher - 4-year starting pitcher, freshman year with Coach Heffner


Coach Heffner is one of the best things that has happened to me as a pitcher. Coach Heff helped me harness my on-field abilities while teaching me to also harness everything going on in my head. He didn’t just teach me how to throw a change-up, how to hit a spot or show me new drills; he taught me the game itself. He didn’t just teach the how to do something, he taught us why we should do certain things. Without Coach Heffner, I would be nowhere near the pitcher I am today.

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