Tavis Piatoly

Sports Nutrition/Dietitian


Tavis is one of the leading Sports Dietitians and Nutrition Consultants in the industry with over 15 years of experience specializing in the development of nutrition plans for Professional, College, High School Athletes and Youth Athletes to improve their performance, health, and recovery.

Tavis is the founder of Piattoly Sports Nutrition, the co-founder of My Sports Dietitian and the Education Program Manager for the Taylor Hooton Foundation.

Tavis' list of accolades go on and on but the bottom line is, Velocity Farm athletes will now have yet another leg up on their competition.

The coolest part about Tavis' knowledge is that he's "a baseball guy," he understands the difficulties that baseball athletes face and has worked with baseball players at every position and level.

Tavis is currently working on a book specifically addressing the needs of baseball pitchers!

Tavis has graciously provided a lot of materials to us that we can pass along to Velocity Farm athletes ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Please contact us to learn more about Tavis' services.

Velocity Farm Baseball | 319-330-5059 | 175 HWY 965, Suite 9, North Liberty, IA 52317