Velocity Farm Pitching Development


You've heard us talk in general terms about what we do but here are the specifics! Take some time and decide what service best fit your needs! Keep checking back periodically, or just like our Facebook page, to stay up to date on our latest offerings!



If you are interested in learning more about our training methods this is for you!

Generally, a Consultation is the first step in beginning the Velocity Farm journey.


Consultations last anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. During this time we will do the following:

  1. Explain in simple terms - why the way throwing is currently taught will inevitably cause pain and injury

  2. Do our intake assessment using high-speed video and use that to identify the biggest areas for improvement.

  3. Layout the athlete's best path towards improvement.

Individual or Group Pitching Lessons


Lessons are available in packs of 8 and 16. Each lesson lasts 60 minutes and generally include high-speed film or radar.



Individual lessons are generally only offered when a program (ex. Complete Game Pitcher) is not being offered or programs are full. A Consultation is required before scheduling Individual or Partner Lessons.


Learn more about pitching lesson packages.


Rookie Complete Game Pitching


This program is for pitchers 11 years of age and up that are extremely serious about their development!


We begin with a full assessment to pinpoint any physical limitations that could lead to injury or prevent optimal movement patterns. We also take slow-motion video of your pitching motion to identify the key areas that could lead to injury or are limiting your velocity.


After the assessment and video analysis have been completed, we sit down with you and map out a specific road-map for improving target areas.

Advanced Complete Game Pitching


The ACGP option is for those athletes that have already completed the Rookie Complete Game Pitcher program or have complete a lesson package. 

The ACGP is only available during certain times of the year so make sure to check back regularly if it's not currently being offered.

**Registration for the winter ACGP is NOW OPEN**

Pitching Fundamentals


This program is for pitchers 7 years of age through 10 years of age.


This is the ONLY program specifically designed to give young pitchers the fundamentals they need to ensure long-term arm health and success!


We have taken the most important principles from our Complete Game Pitcher programs and made them age appropriate.


We truly believe that in order to help reverse the arm injury epidemic, we must START THEM YOUNG & START THEM RIGHT!

Pitching Camps


Camps will be one day opportunities for to get a taste for our methods.

More details on camps and dates to come.

Team Consulting


We offer team consulting for every budget and need.


If all you need is a post throwing protocol to ensure that your players' arms stay healthy we can tailor a plan just for you needs.


If you are looking for daily drills and exercises for your team we can develop a bullet proof plan for you.


If you are looking for ways to make your players mentally tough, again, we can help you with that.


We can even design a customized in or off season plan or your entire team!

Velocity at Home


We're currently in the process of putting the Complete Game Pitcher program into an "at home" format. This would allow those athletes in multiple sports to work in their training at their own convenience. 


For more information please email Coach Heffner -

Velocity Farm Baseball | 319-330-5059 | 175 HWY 965, Suite 9, North Liberty, IA 52317