Velocity Farm Services


You've heard us talk in general terms about what we do but here are the specifics! Take some time and decide what service best fit your needs! Keep checking back periodically, or just like our Facebook page, to stay up to date on our latest offerings!



If you are interested in learning more about our training methods this is for you!

Generally, a Consultation is the first step in beginning the Velocity Farm journey.


Consultations last anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. During this time we will do the following:

  1. Explain in simple terms - why the way throwing is currently taught will inevitably cause pain and injury

  2. Do our intake assessment using high-speed video and use that to identify the biggest areas for improvement.

  3. Layout the athlete's best path towards improvement.



Pitching is arguably the most important aspect of baseball. Explore all of Velocity Farm's options for pitching development and learn a little more about what makes Velocity Farm the only place that around that can actually prevent and fix arm injuries.

At Velocity Farm we blend sports medicine, advanced motor development, and technology to maximize our athletes' development.

We do things better because we know you want better results



As important as pitching may be, YOU CAN'T WIN IF YOU DON'T SCORE!

At Velocity Farm we do not jump on fads (launch angle, etc) because fads do not last. 

Hitting constantly is being over-complicated. Hitting is challenging enough without making it even harder. 

In the simplest terms - get on plane and be on time!

College Baseball Boot Camp


Whether you are a college baseball vet or going into your first fall, the College Baseball Boot Camp will make sure that you are completely prepared for fall practices.

Earning playing time in the spring starts by laying a strong foundation in the fall - get your head start and put your self the best position possible.

Limited to the first 4 position players and the first 4 pitchers.

Combat Catching


This program is for catchers 11 years of age and up that are extremely serious about their development!


This program is demanding and meets 1x a week for an hour each time!


Catching is the most physically and mentally challenging position on the field. Combat Catching will prepare you to become a true FIELD GENERAL! This intense 6-week program (offered over 7 weeks) will mold each athlete into the type of catcher that pitchers love to throw to and coaches can count on.


Become the catcher of every coach's dreams - sign up today!

Team Programs


We offer team consulting for every budget and need.


If all you need is a post throwing protocol to ensure that your players' arms stay healthy we can tailor a plan just for your needs.


If you are looking for daily drills and exercises for your team we can develop a bulletproof plan for you.


If you are looking for ways to make your players mentally tough, again, we can help you with that.


We can even design a customized in or offseason plan for your entire team!

Pitching/Hitting Camps


Camps will be one day opportunities for to get a taste for our methods.

More details on camps and dates to come.

Velocity at Home


We're currently in the process of putting the Complete Game Pitcher program into an "at home" format. This would allow those athletes in multiple sports to work in their training at their own convenience. 


For more information please email Coach Heffner -

Velocity Farm Baseball | 319-330-5059 | 175 HWY 965, Suite 9, North Liberty, IA 52317