Rookie Complete Game Pitcher


For those just beginning the program (rookies), we only offer a group format, with a maximum of 4 pitchers in a group. We firmly believe group training is the fastest way for athletes to improve because they get to be pushed by their peers and learn from their peers. Because everyone will be learning our unique methods for the first time, pitchers of all ability levels can be in the same group without hindering each other's development. Start to finish, this 8-week program runs over 9 weeks. That means that if you need to miss a day or two, you're not missing anything! If you make it to all 9 weeks, then you're getting a little extra! This is a great starting point for the serious pitcher 4th grade and up. (Holidays and severe weather cancellations may not allow for the extra week)


In order to provide the best training, we've partnered with JC Moreau and Strength U to offer significant discounts on both of our services when an athlete is enrolled with both of us! It's rare that you'll get two highly qualified coaches combining forces and even more rare that their facilities are right next to each other! Contact JC Moreau at (479) 530-8254 to get signed-up with Strength U and receive $50 off both services ($100 total!).


Orthopedic Screening/Functional Movement Screening

This screening is used to determine any physical constraints or areas of weakness an athlete has. After we have found areas that need improvement, we begin to build a specific plan to improve those areas. The biggest areas that we are looking at are: does the shoulder move properly, elbow integrity, spine mobility, hip function, core stability and overall strength. All of these areas rob pitchers of velocity and, if left untreated, can lead to serious injury. We use proven exercises and drills to improve each specific area. We also will re-screen at the end of the program so that you can see exactly how far you've come!


Video Analysis

We analyze video for many of the same reasons that we do the orthopedic screening. We want to find the areas that are stealing velocity, putting a pitcher at risk of injury and we want to ensure that athleticism is being displayed during the pitching motion. The biggest areas we look at on video are weight distribution, pelvic engagement, lead leg action, arm injury risks, glove side integrity, and proper deceleration. For every area we find needing improvement, we prescribe specific exercises and drills to improve those areas. Just like the orthopedic screening, we will re-analyze at the end of the program.



Dual Enrolled w/ Strength U: $540

Only Enrolled @ Velocity Farm: $590


That is a maximum of $32.77 per session which is 55% LESS than what the other area facilities charge per hour lesson - and we don't make you buy a membership!

Program will be offered again in the Fall of 2019 - You can still sign up for a Pitching Consultation & Individual Lessons by clicking below.

*Email kheffner@velocity-farm.com to receive the $50 off discount code for being enrolled at Strength U

**If you'd prefer to set up 2 payments of $270 that can be arranged by emailing kheffner@velocity-farm.com

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