The Complete Winter Pitching Clinic


If you or your pitcher is looking to maximize their time over Christmas Break, this is the answer. The Complete Winter Pitching Clinic is the most comprehensive opportunity around. This 4 HOUR, 1 DAY clinic will introduce attendees to the revolutionary principles that have made our Complete Game Pitcher program so beneficial and set them up for success as the season approaches!


***Added Bonus - All parents are invited to stay during the first 20 minutes for an informative explanation of what is really causing arm injuries and how traditional coaching is only increasing the likelihood of injury***



Skills/Information Covered

Injury Education

We firmly believe that "buy-in" is critical to development. If a pitcher does not understand the risks associated with the way that pitching is traditionally taught, why would they change? We will explain, in easy to understand terms, what causes arm pain and ultimately injury so that attendees understand why we do things differently.


Athleticism Development

One of the biggest points we emphasize with the Complete Game Pitcher program is to increase a pitcher's athleticism. The more athletic we can be, the more likely we will be able to experience success and stay healthy. The quickest way to increase athleticism is to become stronger through our core and become more agile.


Mental Toughness Training

We would not truly be providing a COMPLETE clinic without helping attendees develop the mental skills necessary to handle the stresses that come with pitching. Handling failure, bad calls, and errors separate truly successful pitchers from everyone else. We will make sure that each attendee learns ways to develop these unique skills.



Functional Strength

If you've been paying much attention to most velocity programs they will generally recommend some sort of Wrist Weight work. We use Wrist Weights as well but we will teach each pitcher the CORRECT and MOST BENEFICIAL way to utilize the weights.


Thera-Band type work will also be utilized but, this is not your run of the mill band work. Our program challenges your body and safely builds stability/strength throughout the pitching motion.


RPM Handbrake

Each pitcher will learn a new way to take the ball out of their glove. Yes, it sounds WAY TOO SIMPLE but this technique (developed by Bill Peterson of RPM Pitching) is the only way we've seen pitchers be able to get their arms into the proper position when their front foot hits the ground. Pitching is all about putting the correct parts of the body into the correct positions at the correct time, it all starts with how we take the ball out of the glove.



Throwing Efficiency Drills

Clearly, we wouldn't be doing our job unless we teach you our unique drill set that increases movement efficiency, decreases arm stress, adds velocity, and allows for an easily repeated delivery.


Dates and Times

To begin, we will run 2 time slots but will tweak that as necessary. The current day and times are as follows:


Saturday, December 30th

9:00am - 1:00pm = 7th-12th Grade session

5:45pm - 7:15pm = 2nd-6th Grade session


In order to ensure that each attendee gets age-appropriate drills/instruction, we will create smaller groupings with-in each session. Example: Ideally we'd have a 7th/8th grade, 9th/10th grade, and 11th/12th grade groupings within the 7th-12 Grade session.


  *Each time slot is limited to only 12 pitchers

**depending on numbers - times slots might change slightly



All of this for only $200! Yes, that's right Injury Education, Athleticism Development, Mental Toughness Training, Functional Strength, RPM Handbrake, and Throwing Efficiency Drills - all for only $200!


We do understand that the holidays can be expensive so you may choose to pay in 2 installments of $100. The first installment is due upon signing up and the last installment is due no later than December 27th.


Sign-up deadline is Wednesday, December 20th (If spots are still available after the 20th a late registration fee of $25 will be added to the clinic cost)



If you're ready to experience the ONLY truly COMPLETE pitching clinic around then click the "Sign me up now" button below. Remember there are only 12 spots available per age group - secure your pitching success right now!

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