College Coaching Pitching Clinic

July 20th-22nd

Hello, my name is Kaleb Heffner and I’m personally inviting you to our College Coaches Pitching Clinic.

This 3 day experience will change your player's careers, your program's success and your coaching career forever.



Velocity Farm teaches pitching differently than nearly everyone else in the WORLD.Our methods were developed by pitching guru Bill Peterson over 15 years & 30,000 hours of experimental research. Bill’s experiments were NOT done with some hypothetical animated rendering of a pitcher - they were done with real-life pitchers in the midst of competition and the results are remarkable.


Would it surprise you that the vast majority of pitchers are throwing 10mph slower than what they are actually capable of? Yeah, you read that right - 10 MILES PER HOUR! Oh, and they are actually capable of throwing 100’s of pitches per week with ZERO ARM PAIN.


I know, it sounds crazy but hear me out. The 10mph is being lost because of inefficient movements and the timing of those movements. These inefficiencies also lead to arm pain/injuries, surgeries, and decreased the ability to command pitches.


How different would your staff's success be if they could actually practice pitching as much as your hitters practice hitting? Very rarely have we ever told a hitter to take less BP but we constantly tell pitchers to throw less pitches. I get it, we do it because we want to keep them healthy. What I'm promising you is that we don't need to do that any longer! With the knowledge you'll learn, your guys can actually throw multiple - long, high effort bullpens a week. Their velocity is going to pick up and their command/feel will skyrocket.

Let me ask you a question. What are mechanics? Better yet, what are GOOD mechanics? It’s a question I like to ask every pitcher, and pitching coaching, I work with. Seems, like a simple enough question but EVERYONE HAS A DIFFERENT DEFINITION! Our belief is that good pitching mechanics are “getting the right body part, in the right place, at the right time.”


Do you think increasing leg strength and efficiency are the best ways protect arms? You need to keep reading and THINK AGAIN. Keeping arms healthy has more to do with specific movements of the arm. Throwing harder certainly means being more efficient with the lower half, but if  more power from the legs/hips is applied while the arm is in the wrong place at the wrong time, your pitchers are ticking time bombs!


Getting the right body part in the right place and at the right time is what allows the 10mph gains that pitchers following Bill’s training methods routinely experience. How would your staff change if they all could add 10mph or more to their velos? How would it change if they increased strikeouts while DECREASING WALKS? No matter how hard a guy may throw, Bill’s methods WILL help them add velo, throw more strikes and throw more often!


One 83-84mph guy, suffering from excruciating elbow pain (he was going to quit baseball all together), got rid of his elbow issues overnight and was throwing 91mph, IN THREE WEEKS! This same guy hit 94 the following spring and was drafted by the Braves.

MANY low to mid 80s guys now sit low to mid 90s! Are your guys experiencing these types of gains? Massive gains? If you’re not seeing sustained improvement then there’s a flaw in what you're teaching and how they are training!


It doesn’t matter if you already throw hard, YOU CAN THROW HARDER! One college pitcher went from 93 to sitting 99-102 and now throws in the Phillies organization.



You don't need to take my word for it though. Here's some first hand testimonials from Bill's students and other coaches.


"Arm problems were always a reason I disliked pitching, but Bill has totally changed that. Within only a few weeks I have completely gotten rid of all shoulder pain and I can throw longer and harder than ever before." - Drew Burman 


Drew pitched for D2 Colorado School of Mines near Denver, Colorado. As junior Drew threw only 7.1 innings due to partially tearing his labrum. He never had surgery, just started working with Bill, and his senior year he pitched 52.1 innings!


"Trust Coach Bill Peterson. He is an amazing teacher, human being and researcher. I predict he will be at the forefront of solving the pitching injury puzzle once and for all" - Lee Yerty


Lee is a former Division I strength coach and though he lives more than 1,000 miles away from Bill, he and his son routinely travel to work with Bill over long weekends. Among Lee's stops, he was legendary coach Bobo Brayton's strength and conditioning coach while Brayton was at Washington State University.

Your three day experience will include classroom style learning, hands on demonstrations and observing live coaching. What all will be covered in these formats?


● The MOST biomechanically sound pitching evaluation on the Earth

● The “Throw More, Throw Harder, Be Nastier, Stay Healthy” presentation

● Mental skills training that actually work and that you can implement immediately

● How to teach the nastiest off-speed pitches you’ve ever seen

● Bill’s 4 Key Drills to throwing faster and safer!

● Fireproof Shoulders that will hold up to throwing serious gas

● The MOST efficient warm-up routine in this Universe

● On-going instruction and support from both Bill and Kaleb


Since you’re still reading, I’ll assume you’re interested and probably wondering, “This sounds AMAZING but what’s the price?” It's only $500 per school. If you want to send multiple coaches, it's only $250 for each additional coach. For less than a Marc Pro, which your guys won't need after this, you can learn from the best pitching coach in the world! Sign-up deadline is July 8th at midnight. Email for more information.


Velocity Farm Baseball | 319-330-5059 | 175 HWY 965, Suite 9, North Liberty, IA 52317