Pitching, Hitting and Defensive Clinics


Hitting Camp.PNG
Hitting Clinic


Get a swing tune up and be ready to dominate at the plate this season!

2 hour long clinic covering ideal swing mechanics, a rock solid approach, and how to properly time each swing!

Catching Camp.PNG
Catching Clinic


Learn how to become the type of catcher pitchers love to throw to and coaches dream about!

90 minute clinic cover receiving (catching pitches), blocking and throwing!

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Complete Confidence Camp


Learn a step-by-step process that ACTUALLY BUILDS CONFIDENCE! Being confident is not merely a decision, being confident is really about trust and trust is something that we all understand has to be built.

The Complete Confidence Camp will allow participants to begin build trust with themselves.

As an added bonus, each participant will leave with their own Confidence Box. The Confidence Box is a unique tool that allows the user to physically see the work they've put in towards having more confidence.

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