Complete Game Catcher


Catching is the most physically and mentally challenging position on the field. Complete Game Catcher will prepare you to become a true FIELD GENERAL! This intense 6-week program will mold each athlete into the type of catcher that pitchers love to throw to and coaches can count on.


Coach Jeremy Cronk will be the lead instructor for this program. The fact that Jeremy has been a pitcher, catcher and a coach ensures that every athlete becomes the ultimate catching machine.


When your back is up against the wall, will you cower or dig in and fight through? If you're the "dig in and fight" type, then DECIDE to enroll - COMMIT to working hard - enjoy your well-earned SUCCESS!


Blocking, Receiving, Throwing and Leadership will all be taught for only $185. This program is limited to the first 6 catchers so get signed up today.


Days & Times

Day: Tuesday

Time: 6:30 to 7:30pm

Duration: 6 weeks

Start Date: February 19th

End Date: April 2nd

*no training on March 19th*

The Complete Game Catcher structure allows us to tailor each drill/focus to skill level of each individual participant. That being said, the program is designed for ages 12 and up.

Complete Game Catcher is limited to the first 6 catchers so get signed up today!

Baseball Catching Lesson
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