Complete Confidence Camp


Have you ever felt like you’re not good enough? Watched your child walk away from a loss wearing nothing but defeat on their face? All too often we see athletes who are unable to reach their full potential due to their fear of failure or not being “good enough”. This fear becomes a vicious cycle of self-doubt that builds until it’s so large, many feel there’s no way to overcome it. 

But imagine if you, or your child, had a systematic way to build the self-confidence necessary to combat this fear? How would having more self-confidence change your life? Your athlete’s life? Would they be more successful at school or work? Would athletic performance increase? YES! Of course it would! 

Okay, so how can confidence actually be built? Like most things, one step, or action, at a time. At its core, confidence is simply TRUST - trusting that you are smart enough, skilled enough, or have prepared enough to succeed.

The people you truly trust - why do you trust them so much? Yeah, because they have proven, over and over again, that they will take the necessary actions to follow through on what they say. Over the course of time, they have built trust with you through their actions.

The Complete Confidence Camp will give each participant a systematic approach to start building that trust with themselves. That's right, we'll provide a road map for you, or your child, to finally have the confidence it takes to excel. 

As an added bonus, every participant will receive their very own Confidence Box so that they can start taking action and building confidence!

For $45, your athlete will gain the tools he/she needs to transform their life through intentional actions and confidence, on and off the field! The Complete Confidence Camp is open to ANYONE (male or female, young or "more experienced") that is at least 11 years old!

That's everything below for JUST $45!

  • 60 minutes with Velocity Farm’s founder, Kaleb Heffner

  • Techniques to overcome self-doubt

  • The best Performance Enhancing Drug on the market --- SELF CONFIDENCE!!

  • Training on how to set GOALS and how to use YOUR OWN ACTIONS to reach them

  • Your own CONFIDENCE BOX to take home and start building confidence

Day & Times

Sunday, August 18th @ 6pm

Tuesday, August 20th @ 6pm

Register before the MLB Trade Deadline (July 31st) for $10 off! Just use the code TRADEDEADLINE. 

Velocity Farm Baseball | 319-330-5059 | 175 HWY 965, Suite 9, North Liberty, IA 52317