Advanced Complete Game Pitcher

For those that have already completed the Rookie Complete Game Pitcher Program (or done a lesson package before), we offer an Advanced Complete Game Pitcher program. We've found as players progress in learning our techniques, they do begin to need different things so there is a combination of group and individual training. The Advanced Complete Game Pitcher Program consists of one group training session per week and one individual lesson per week.


During the group training session we will focus on getting in a high number of reps while fine tuning any needed mechanical changes that we're working on. During the one-on-one lessons we will focus on refining & develop the athlete's different pitches, help increase their mental skills (toughness/coping/focus) and ensure that what they have learned doing our different drills carry over to competition.

Days & Times

We will be offering two days of group training (will add a third group if needed), one on Tuesday & Wednesday. Both group sessions will be from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. You'll be able to schedule your individual lessons via the online scheduling portal.

The Tuesday group begins on Tuesday, December 4th and runs through January 29th. (No lessons Dec 25th or Jan 1st)

The Wednesday group begins on Tuesday, December 5th and runs through January 30th. (No lessons on Dec 26th or Jan 2nd)

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