Who We Are

Velocity Farm is an elite baseball training facility based out of North Liberty, Iowa.  Being based out of North Liberty, we are able to serve the greater Corridor Area and beyond. Velocity Farm was created by Kaleb Heffner, former college baseball coach and athletic trainer, in response to the alarming numbers of arm injuries that have been occurring in recent years.  Heffner's answer is to ensure that there is a place educating and training players in ways that will not only produce high-level results but, more importantly, help keep them healthy.Recently, Velocity Farm has expanded to also offer hitting and defensive instruction as well!


Below, you can read more about Velocity Farm's coaches and specifically why we exist. 

This is what sets us apart!


Our programs are tailored specifically to each student's individual needs.


Our entire approach revolves around increasing our students' athleticism. We do this by focusing on two areas: connection/efficiency (proper sequencing of movements) and explosiveness/power.


By increasing an athlete's connection we increase the amount of terminal energy (how fast the arm moves). Disconnected movements result in wasted energy and end up also causing more stress on an athlete's joints.


Think of this idea like driving a car. Most of the time there are multiple ways to get from where you are to where you want to be, some ways are faster than others while some are slower than others. How often do you take a slow way? Not very often. There are several reasons for picking the faster route: it is faster (I know, duh!), it uses less gas and results in less wear on your vehicle.


How does this relate back an athlete? Very easily, the gas=energy and wear=stress. The less energy an athlete wastes during their pitching delivery, the harder the athlete will throw. The less stress an athlete has on their joints, the less likely they are to breakdown (lose velocity) or get injured. This is why everything we do starts with increasing the level of connection!


Once connection reaches a safe level, we begin building up the athlete's explosiveness. We continue to work on increasing connectivity but it is not our sole focus.


Being explosive does not mean we lift a bunch of weights and try to look like The Hulk. Don't get me wrong, we want to get stronger but we want to be functionally strong. We've all seen those guys at the gym that look like The Rock from the waist up and look like a flamingo from the waist down. What function does this type of "strength" have?


We want players that are strong where it actually matters, the legs, butt, core, and the smaller (but vitally important) muscles in the arms/hands. The biggest thing to remember is that size does not always equal functional strength and appearing small does not always mean someone is weak.


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